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Updated Demo Reel – 2012

Finally, I finished my Reel after doing Animation Mentor.

I am very proud to present my updated Animation Reel , most part of it consists of Animation Mentor assignments.  Huge thanks to all my mentors: Anthony Wong from Pixar Animation Studios / Shaun Freeman / Dimos Vrysellas / Greg Kyle / Drew Adams and Sean Sexton, both are from DreamWorks Animation Studios.

I am responsible for all animation in this reel. Rigs provided by Animation Mentor, except the woman warrior shot that was done by me.

I hope you enjoy it!



ShowCase 2012

I know that it’s been a while since I update my works and post here, but today I wanna post to show my happiness of having one of my shots at the Student ShowCase of this year.

It’s an honor and a great motivation to keep the hard work.  Thanks!

Soon I will post some more works and perhaps show the progress of some AM shots. Right now I’m working to polish all the previous shots and planning to do a couple more to put on my reel.

Ed Short Film – Trailer

Hi everyone, I’m here today to show the trailer of a short film that is being produced by a brazillian studios called Hype Studios. I have the pleasure of being part of the animation team in this project. It’s been a great challenge animating it cause there are some complex situations on the film and the animation style has to be realistic.

The short is directed by Gabriel Garcia and the animation is supervised by Messias Cunha. Bruno Monteiro recently joined the team as the Animation Director to increase the quality needs of the film.

Here’s the oficial site:

If someone wants to support the project, visit this page:

Hope you enjoy it!

New Year and New Progress Reel

Happy New Year for all!

After 6 months in Leave of Absence (from March to August), I came back to Animation Mentor classes in September doing the Class 03 – Advanced Body Mechanic.

In this class we had a chance to do a sequence instead just three independent assignments. I decided to do an AnimJam with a theme inspired on Star Wars when Han Solo chases some troopers. I hope you enjoy it!

I was lucky having Drew Adams as my mentor, he’s from DreamWorks and it was a great experience getting tips and critiques by him.

Here’s the updated Progress Reel with the new assignments from this Term:

Thanks for watching and have a wonderful year!

PS: I will post some new works that I’ve been doing at Vagalume very soon.

Update on Animation Page – two works

Hi everyone, I’ve just updated my Animation Page with two more works that I did some months ago. One piece was an animation work for a game, actually a quiz game that has some characters doing something while the player answers the questions.

And the other piece was the animation for the CQC 3.0 that was showed on-line a couple of days ago.  This job done at Vagalume Animation Studios had a great feedback, the Storyboard and video references were done by Fabiano Gama and I just animated it and did some facial setups. The cloth simulation improvement by Heber Conde had a great result too.

Congrats to everyone at Vagalume, it’s been a great time working there!

New Demo Reel

Hi everyone, I’ve just updated my demo with my animation reel after a couple of years from the previous one. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for watching. See ya!

Another Class at Animation Mentor

It’s been almost 5 months since I last posted here.

I’m here just to show my new Progess Reel with Class2 assignments from AM. It has been a great time at school but I had to stop for a while.  I’m returning for the fall term.

During Class 2 we’ve learned a lot of body mechanic focusing on weight and the hips movement. We started animating a shot with a character who just has hips and legs, then we animated a character with torso but no arms, and finally a full body character without a face. For the last one I tried to animate a piece of dancing/fight called Capoeira.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the work as it’s been until now:


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