Interview with me on a book


In mid-2013, while working on “The Nut Job” feature, I started communicating via email with Keith Osborn who was working on the same show as a freelancer for Duncan Studios. We started a chat, talking a little bit about processes on animation and he asked me if I was willing to give an interview for his book he was writing, he was planning to use it for the chapter Animation planning.

Keith Osborn is an experience animator, he has a long carrier as a freelancer and Instructor. He has been working on several great cg projects, you can check his work out on his demo-reel:

Well, when he asked me if I want to give an interview for his book, I definitely said Yes.

Two years later, the book is published and now you can purchase it on Amazon or at some bookstores.


I received a copy of the “Cartoon Character Animation with Maya” couple months ago, I’ve already read it and I’m surprised at the quality of its content. The book is focused on cartoon animation style, of how to exaggerate and caricature, there are several animation insights and great other interviews.

It’s a good read for both students and pros who want to keep the art of making cartoon animation fresh.


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