Bold Moves – starting in a big Studio

Hey everyone,

Since the last Post, many things happened and I’ll try to describe here.

After working for Snow Queen 2 during first semester of 2014, as posted last time, I quit my job at Vagalume to start being a full-time freelancer. In October I worked on a Turkish film and in January of 2015 I started working for a Brazilian film, both are non-released.

The first one, from Turkey, was a cool project by Anima Instanbul where some other Brazilian animators worked remotely on it. Alan Camilo was in charged to supervise these Brazilian guys. Besides our remote help, they were starting their own local animation production and after a few months they decided to keep only their on-site production.

They recently released the Trailer and you can watch below. There you can see the movie is not for kids.

The other film was “Lino”, produced by START Anima, is an entirely Brazilian production. I remotely worked for a few months before going to Sony, the supervision was done by Fernando Herrera e Daniel Cavalcante. They didn’t release a trailer yet and the theatrical release date is unknown, but I can guarantee that is becoming a super great movie.

While working remotely on these projects, I’ve been applying for some studios and specially for Sony Imageworks, then on November they finally called me to work on Angry Birds movie.

Yeahh!! Awesome!



Are you staring me?

In 14th November 2014, I was interviewed by Peter Nash and the Leads, and got the Offer at the following week to start in January 2015. But 2 weeks later, as I expected, they realized that my visa wouldn’t be done in time to start in January.


Well, they pushed back my start date to March, after long anxious months of waiting for responses – and keeping in touch, they finally set up to start on 22nd June.

And here I am with my wife and kid in Vancouver!


The first week was for training to learn Linux commands, have an overview on their pipeline and proprieties tools. Then the following week was in the show.

It’s been a fantastic experience working in a big company, where the Lead, Supervisor and Directors are always pushing you forward and making a high standard quality of animation.

Well, that’s all for now!

When I get the chance, I will update the blog with more news.

See ya!


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