The Nut Job and other things

Hi everyone,

Once again I haven’t updated this blog for a while. Many things happened in the meantime, but I will be shortly.


I’m finishing a job for a feature film called “The Nut Job“. It’s a Canadian movie by ToonBox Studios from Toronto, and Duncan Studio has been helping with some animation work on the film. I’ve been animating remotely for Duncan Studio in this project since April and now is the last week.

It was a great experience receiving feedback from legendary animators like Ken Duncan and most recently by Chris Sauve. I’ve learnt a lot from them. I didn’t have the chance to meet the team personally but it has been aspiring seeing what other animators come up with for their own shots each day.

It was my first time on a project like this, and it was always my goal working for feature. So, I’m very happy with that!

The film is gonna be released in January 17, 2014 in USA and Canada. Once released, I’ll update my reel with the shots that I animated.

ImageFrom February to March, before “The Nut Job”, I got the opportunity to work on another cool project. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say much about it, but I can tell you that it was fun and I got the chance to travel to Portland, Oregon and Sunnyvale, California.

There, I met some amazing people that I had a pleasure to work with. Some idols and mentors that ispired us to get into the industry. Like Jan Pinkava, Doug Sweetland and Mark Oftedal.

I also met some great animators graduated from Animation Mentor like Ryan Hayford, Daniel Paul and Jais Bredsted. You guys rock!



3 Responses to “The Nut Job and other things”

  1. 1 jais bredsted August 6, 2013 at 1:25 pm

    It was a pleasure working with you. Hope our roads will cross again soon.

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