New Year, New Life!

Well, after many days without posting, because I was on vacation at my city home, I post with news. I’m working at Vagalume Animation Studios since January 13th. The guys are really nice and I met some talent people there. I hope to learn many things, improve my skills and work for many good projects there.

I wanna inform too that I’m doing my personal short animation and I created a blog to post the progress of it there. It’s still early but I really decided to do it. For now, I’m at production planning and drawing for the animatic 2d. Please, feel free to go there: (in portuguese)

Happy new Year!


1 Response to “New Year, New Life!”

  1. 1 Jonathan Bento January 30, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Eae parceiro do anjos do meio da praça rsrs

    po 2010 ta sendo novo pra mim também, vim para o
    RJ estou em um estúdio que se chama Consêquencia!

    bons trabalhos para nós!!!

    abraçao cara e bom ano pra ti!

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