Step-By-Step from Bubafilms

Hi people, it’s a pleasure to post this video from a shot that I animated for a Bubafilms’ short. Alê Camargo and Camila Carrossine are the directors of this short-film, “Anjos do Meio da Praça”.

It’s been wonderful working with them, they are doing a beautiful film. You can access the original post here (in portuguese):


Animatic: Camila Carrossine
Tinx’s Design: Fernando Faria & Alê Camargo
Models, textures, rig and render: Alê Camargo & Camila Carrossine
Animation: Ricardo Jost


1 Response to “Step-By-Step from Bubafilms”

  1. 1 jon December 1, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    hahaha caraca muito bom cara!!!


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