Interview with me on a book


In mid-2013, while working on “The Nut Job” feature, I started communicating via email with Keith Osborn who was working on the same show as a freelancer for Duncan Studios. We started a chat, talking a little bit about processes on animation and he asked me if I was willing to give an interview for his book he was writing, he was planning to use it for the chapter Animation planning.

Keith Osborn is an experience animator, he has a long carrier as a freelancer and Instructor. He has been working on several great cg projects, you can check his work out on his demo-reel:

Well, when he asked me if I want to give an interview for his book, I definitely said Yes.

Two years later, the book is published and now you can purchase it on Amazon or at some bookstores.


I received a copy of the “Cartoon Character Animation with Maya” couple months ago, I’ve already read it and I’m surprised at the quality of its content. The book is focused on cartoon animation style, of how to exaggerate and caricature, there are several animation insights and great other interviews.

It’s a good read for both students and pros who want to keep the art of making cartoon animation fresh.


Bold Moves – starting in a big Studio

Hey everyone,

Since the last Post, many things happened and I’ll try to describe here.

After working for Snow Queen 2 during first semester of 2014, as posted last time, I quit my job at Vagalume to start being a full-time freelancer. In October I worked on a Turkish film and in January of 2015 I started working for a Brazilian film, both are non-released.

The first one, from Turkey, was a cool project by Anima Instanbul where some other Brazilian animators worked remotely on it. Alan Camilo was in charged to supervise these Brazilian guys. Besides our remote help, they were starting their own local animation production and after a few months they decided to keep only their on-site production.

They recently released the Trailer and you can watch below. There you can see the movie is not for kids.

The other film was “Lino”, produced by START Anima, is an entirely Brazilian production. I remotely worked for a few months before going to Sony, the supervision was done by Fernando Herrera e Daniel Cavalcante. They didn’t release a trailer yet and the theatrical release date is unknown, but I can guarantee that is becoming a super great movie.

While working remotely on these projects, I’ve been applying for some studios and specially for Sony Imageworks, then on November they finally called me to work on Angry Birds movie.

Yeahh!! Awesome!



Are you staring me?

In 14th November 2014, I was interviewed by Peter Nash and the Leads, and got the Offer at the following week to start in January 2015. But 2 weeks later, as I expected, they realized that my visa wouldn’t be done in time to start in January.


Well, they pushed back my start date to March, after long anxious months of waiting for responses – and keeping in touch, they finally set up to start on 22nd June.

And here I am with my wife and kid in Vancouver!


The first week was for training to learn Linux commands, have an overview on their pipeline and proprieties tools. Then the following week was in the show.

It’s been a fantastic experience working in a big company, where the Lead, Supervisor and Directors are always pushing you forward and making a high standard quality of animation.

Well, that’s all for now!

When I get the chance, I will update the blog with more news.

See ya!

Current Reel and Next Feature Job

Hey all,

A couple weeks ago I updated my reel and now I’d like to post here. In this reel, there is also some of my shots from “Buggy Night” Motorola short-film, directed by Mark Oftedal.

I hope you enjoy it:

Besides that, I’d like to announce that I started working on a great feature film called “Snow King” this week, it’s a sequel of “Snow Queen (2012)” by Wizart Animation Studio, from Russia. Click the image to watch the trailer:


I started in the middle of production to help them finish the animation work. They have been doing an amazing job and I’m excited to be part of it.


WindyDay Animation Reel and People Reaction

I uploaded a video showing the segment that I animated on WindyDay. There is more animation work that I did but didn’t show because that  involves more people on the process that is hard to say the right credits. It was an awesome collaborative process and great direction by Jan Pinkava, Doug Sweetland and Mark Oftedal.

One of the greatest thing on this project is being able to see people reaction on the internet. The great result is due to all talent people invovled that I had a pleasure to work with.

Check it out!

“The Nut Job” Trailer

Hey guys, the feature film that I worked as an animator, released the first Trailer.

Check it out!

Sneak Peek of Motorola Project

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 11.09.57 PM

On the previous post, I mentioned a cool project that I was fortunate to be part of. It`s an interactive short for Motorola/Google, directed by Jan Pinkava, produced by Karen Dufilho, written by Doug Sweetland, storyboarded and character design by Mark Oftedal. Concept Art by John Klassen and sound design by Scot Blackwell. With a crew of great creative and technical guys.

You can see a sneak peek of what this project is in the following link:

It shows part of the short. The animation until the Mouse gets close to the bush is mine. After this, it`s  Jais Bredsted`s animation. Other animators also worked on this short who I mentioned on last post: Ryan Hayford and Daniel Paul.

Now I got the chance to work with some of those guys again in another show and here I am, in SunnyVale during next weeks. This time the director is Mark Oftedal and it`s been a great experience.

The Nut Job and other things

Hi everyone,

Once again I haven’t updated this blog for a while. Many things happened in the meantime, but I will be shortly.


I’m finishing a job for a feature film called “The Nut Job“. It’s a Canadian movie by ToonBox Studios from Toronto, and Duncan Studio has been helping with some animation work on the film. I’ve been animating remotely for Duncan Studio in this project since April and now is the last week.

It was a great experience receiving feedback from legendary animators like Ken Duncan and most recently by Chris Sauve. I’ve learnt a lot from them. I didn’t have the chance to meet the team personally but it has been aspiring seeing what other animators come up with for their own shots each day.

It was my first time on a project like this, and it was always my goal working for feature. So, I’m very happy with that!

The film is gonna be released in January 17, 2014 in USA and Canada. Once released, I’ll update my reel with the shots that I animated.

ImageFrom February to March, before “The Nut Job”, I got the opportunity to work on another cool project. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to say much about it, but I can tell you that it was fun and I got the chance to travel to Portland, Oregon and Sunnyvale, California.

There, I met some amazing people that I had a pleasure to work with. Some idols and mentors that ispired us to get into the industry. Like Jan Pinkava, Doug Sweetland and Mark Oftedal.

I also met some great animators graduated from Animation Mentor like Ryan Hayford, Daniel Paul and Jais Bredsted. You guys rock!


Updated Demo Reel – 2012

Finally, I finished my Reel after doing Animation Mentor.

I am very proud to present my updated Animation Reel , most part of it consists of Animation Mentor assignments.  Huge thanks to all my mentors: Anthony Wong from Pixar Animation Studios / Shaun Freeman / Dimos Vrysellas / Greg Kyle / Drew Adams and Sean Sexton, both are from DreamWorks Animation Studios.

I am responsible for all animation in this reel. Rigs provided by Animation Mentor, except the woman warrior shot that was done by me.

I hope you enjoy it!


ShowCase 2012

I know that it’s been a while since I update my works and post here, but today I wanna post to show my happiness of having one of my shots at the Student ShowCase of this year.

It’s an honor and a great motivation to keep the hard work.  Thanks!

Soon I will post some more works and perhaps show the progress of some AM shots. Right now I’m working to polish all the previous shots and planning to do a couple more to put on my reel.

Ed Short Film – Trailer

Hi everyone, I’m here today to show the trailer of a short film that is being produced by a brazillian studios called Hype Studios. I have the pleasure of being part of the animation team in this project. It’s been a great challenge animating it cause there are some complex situations on the film and the animation style has to be realistic.

The short is directed by Gabriel Garcia and the animation is supervised by Messias Cunha. Bruno Monteiro recently joined the team as the Animation Director to increase the quality needs of the film.

Here’s the oficial site:

If someone wants to support the project, visit this page:

Hope you enjoy it!


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